Ford Edge Door Lock Failure with “Door Ajar” Error Message – Class Action Lawsuit

There is currently a class action lawsuit against Ford for alleged failure of the door locking mechanisms and sensors in certain model year Ford Edge vehicles. It is alleged that these models may contain a defect predisposing the vehicle to display a “Door Ajar” message even when the vehicle doors are closed. As a result, the door ajar light located on the instrument cluster may stay on at all times even when all doors are closed and fully latched, leaving owners questioning if the doors are really closed.

This in turn may cause false vehicle alarms, the vehicle’s battery to completely drain and even result in premature battery replacement. Unfortunately, and according to the lawsuit, Ford often declines to repair and/or replace the defective locking mechanisms and door sensors under warranty. As a result, current and former owners and lessees may be forced to pay for such costly repairs out-of- pocket. The case is captioned Baranco v Ford (case no. 3:17-cv- 03580) and is currently pending in the Northern District of California.

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