2012 Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX Engine Failure – Class Action Lawsuit

Settlement has been Reached: NOTICE OF WRX CLASS SETTLEMENT

There is currently a class action lawsuit against Subaru for alleged oil consumption and resulting engine failure in certain MY 2012 to 2017 Subaru WRX model vehicles. It is alleged that these models may contain a defect predisposing the engine to consume excessive engine oil. In turn, this may cause the engines to experience the following mechanical issues:

  1. Inadequate oil lubrication to the bearings and crankshaft
  2. Spun connecting rod bearings
  3. Engine failure.

2013 WRX owner, Vincent Salcedo, alleges that, once the vehicles’ connected rod bearings begin to fail, metal debris is carried throughout the engine by way of contaminated oil. In particular, defective rotating assemblies are the source of the problem.

“This defect—which existed at the time each Class Vehicle was manufactured, and typically manifests itself during and shortly after the limited warranty period has expired—will inevitably cause the vehicles to experience spun connecting rod bearings and catastrophic engine failure,” according to the complaint, which you can read entirely below.

Unfortunately, and according to the complaint, Subaru often declines to repair and/or replace these damaged engines under warranty. As a result, current and former owners and lessees may be forced to pay out-of- pocket for such costly repairs.

The case is captioned Salcedo v. Subaru (case no. 1:17-cv- 08173) and is currently pending in the District of New Jersey.



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